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Finis origine pendet

Friday, May 11th, 2007

The beginning shapes the end. The motto comes from Phillips Academy and it occasionally haunts me. Am I ever really ready to jump off the cliff? I try to overcome that hurdle by saying to myself: To manage a project is to constantly rewrite the beginning.

I came up with the idea to create a platform for cross disciplinary interaction within the scope of materials research about two years ago. I’ve been handing out grants to young artists and scientists since 1997 and in the beginning of this millennium there was an increase in applications that one way or another dealt with materials research. Materials are something visual culture and scientists have in common. You can’t escape creating or inventing a relation to matter whatever you do.

So, my idea is to set up a platform for interaction between materials researchers, architects, designers, artists, entrepreneurs, business developers, product developers, etc. They, together with venturesome consumers, make up the foundation for this community.

Why doing all this? In order to open up the potential of this rapidly emerging research field we need an arena for knowledge transfer between researchers and visual culture. Biomimetics R&D is nature by nature, thus has a friendly approach to climate and environmental issues. If nature isn’t sustainable, who is? Working within this field of research you will deepen your insight that all life forms are resevoirs of knowledge.

A key factor for success is to engage all you people out there that is sometimes referred to as venturesome consumers. You are the major driving force for innovation processes - the tipping point.